A strange paradox rests on the souls of Modern Men: although we are blessed with a nigh-infinity of entertainment, cultural, and educational choices, we are pressed sullenly into accepting dribbly, testosterone-robbing items such as America's Next Top Model on our television sets and People Magazine atop our toilet tanks. Our shelves are stacked with DVDs of incessant Hugh Grant comedies (purchased at the behest of sighing girlfriends) and our bookshelves reek of pitiable "self-improvement" tomes.

We are better than this. Modern Men need the stuff of manly knowledge and entertainment.

Manly Knowledge and Entertainment

Clear your mind of past attempts in finding true manly knowledge. Together, we embark now on a mission of shoving aside the luggage of Spike TV and ESPN spinoff networks. We're not going to talk sports, or UFC fabrications. We're going to talk about the REAL manly knowledge: manly movies, manly technologies, manly literature, manly skills, and manly history.

Kicking Things Off

We begin with an in-depth analysis of one of the manliest films ever made: Ross Hunter's 1970 version of the Arthur Hailey novel Airport. This film may hold the record for more tension-filled subplots contained in one script than any other movie. The introduction covers just the first fifteen minutes of the film, but will expand in the weeks to come.

Soon, we'll be examining the ins-and-outs of knot tying, perhaps one of the most ancient of the manly arts. We'll also review the nautical literature of C.S. Forster and Patrick O'Brien. Plus, we'll tackle the practical skills as varied as chopping down trees with an axe and soldering electronic components.

Keep checking back - - things are only beginning here.